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Apprentice Programs

Apprenticeship Programs

A&J Training Trust's apprenticeship programs offer apprentices the opportunity to explore and achieve more than a trade skill. Our apprentices embark on a career path guided by experienced faculty members and mentors. Every day, apprentices can put their skills to work on the job, earn competitive compensation, graduate with no debt and continue their life long journey of learning.

Enrollment Requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • High School Diploma or GED Completion Certificate
  • Valid driver's license

Program Completion Requirements:

  • Complete all on-the-job learning hours
  • Complete all related instruction coursework and certifications


To apply for an apprenticeship program with A&J Training Trust, please submit an application with Pipe Careers by clicking the "How to Join" button above.

Please note that not all programs listed with Pipe Careers are available with A&J Training Trust.
Available programs are denoted by the following statement: "Apprenticeship program available with A&J Training Trust."


United Association (UA) Plumbers play a critical role in the establishment and maintenance of systems for sanitary drainage, domestic potable water, medical gases, fuel gas and storm drains. These systems protect the health and safety of the nation. A UA Plumber’s career is full of variety, working on a wide range of projects. These projects include new construction, remodels, retrofits and maintenance of residential, commercial, industrial and medical facilities.

UA Plumbers also perform a wide range of tasks including: the layout and installation of plumbing systems and equipment based on a set of drawings or plans, testing and preparing systems for inspection and installing trims and fixtures. UA Plumbers are hard at work on projects from start to finish - initially when a project breaks ground, to the installation of underground utility piping, until the last faucet is installed.

As society becomes increasingly focused on green technologies, new efficient materials and energy efficient equipment and appliances, United Association Plumbers are in need more than ever.  This demand is only expected to grow significantly in the years to come.


United Association (UA) Pipefitters are vital to mechanical construction and service in residential, commercial and industrial markets. They install, maintain and repair piping systems essential for refrigeration, heating, cooling, steam, controls and the transportation of liquids/gases.

UA Pipefitters work on various projects, including power generation plants, oil refineries, bio-diesel plants, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, hospitals, schools, office buildings, sports complexes, retail stores, manufacturing plants, as well as defense and aerospace industries.

To be successful, United Association Pipefitters must understand the theories involved in transferring gases and liquids. They also require proficiency in trade-related mathematics, science, interpreting construction and control drawings, welding, rigging, pipe fabrication and instrumentation.


United Association (UA) Welders are highly sought after for mechanical construction projects nationwide. UA Welders cut and join a wide range of materials, from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys along with other complex and specialized materials.

UA Welders collaborate to install, maintain and repair piping systems and equipment. They also join structural steel brackets and supports for those systems. They work in different environments and must be able to weld in many different positions and locations such as underground trenches and elevated work platforms.

Throughout the country, there is a major need for UA Welders in construction, steel work, or to work on machinery and other equipment. Great welding skills take time and education to develop. United Association Welders must be trained, tested and certified for the work they perform. There are currently 105 different United Association welding certifications. This includes plastic fusion, plastic bonding, solder, SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW and brazing processes.

Welding is an available career path within the pipefitting program.
The welding career path and electives are not available at every training center. All paths are subject to required student to teacher ratios, training requirements and approvals.


United Association (UA) Instrumentation Pipefitters install and maintain instruments as well as control systems in commercial and industrial settings. They work primarily in industrial manufacturing plants, oil refineries, chemical plants and many other facilities.

UA Instrumentation Pipefitters use their knowledge of piping systems, electrical and pneumatic systems and instrumentation to install and maintain equipment such as sensors, gauges, transmitters and other control devices. They work with a variety of materials, including steel, copper and plastic.  In addition, they use tools such as pipe cutters as well as hand and power tools.

UA Instrumentation Pipefitters perform a variety of tasks including the reading of blueprints and schematics, measuring and cutting pipes and tubing, installing and connecting instrumentation and control systems, testing and calibrating equipment and troubleshooting and repairing problems with systems.

The role of a United Association Instrumentation Pipefitter is to ensure industrial equipment and control systems are installed and maintained properly and to ensure they function efficiently and safely. They play a crucial role in the operation of industrial facilities and to protect the safety of workers and the public.

Instrumentation is an available career path within the pipefitting program.
The instrumentation career path and electives are not available at every training center. All paths are subject to required student to teacher ratios, training requirements and approvals.


United Association (UA) Landscape & Irrigation Fitters install irrigation systems, sprinkler heads, electronic controllers, backflow devices, specialty underground piping including sewer, storm and site works. UA Landscape & Irrigation Fitters also perform landscaping tasks such as backfill, grading, seeding, sodding, rigging and the establishment of trees, shrubs and ground cover. 

Landscape and irrigation work is primarily performed in outdoor settings. It involves the installation of metal, plastic, polyethylene and cement pipes and tubing. UA Landscape & Irrigation Fitters perform all installation processes of irrigation systems, site, sewer and storm piping from layout, trenching, pipe installation testing and start up. 

The need for skilled and qualified United Association Landscape & Irrigation Fitters is growing as society becomes more conscious of water conservation and green technologies such as drip systems, rainwater harvesting, reclaimed water and drought tolerant plants.