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The United Association (UA) Landscape & Irrigation-Fitters apprenticeship program is available to UA Local Union 345 members. This program is approved by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) and is recognized by the Department of Labor.

UA Landscape & Irrigation Fitters install irrigation systems, sprinkler heads, electronic controllers, backflow devices, specialty underground piping including sewer, storm and site works. UA Landscape & Irrigation Fitters also perform landscaping tasks such as backfill, grading, seeding, sodding, rigging and the establishment of trees, shrubs and ground cover.

Landscape and irrigation work is primarily performed in outdoor settings. It involves the installation of metal, plastic, polyethylene and cement pipes and tubing. UA Landscape & Irrigation Fitters perform all installation processes of irrigation systems, site, sewer and storm piping from layout, trenching, pipe installation testing and start up.

The need for skilled and qualified United Association Landscape & Irrigation Fitters is growing as society becomes more conscious of water conservation and green technologies such as drip systems, rainwater harvesting, reclaimed water and drought tolerant plants.