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Complete JUT 2023/2024 before 11:59pm
on April 30, 2024 for a chance to win.




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Rules & Eligibility Requirements

JUT PAYS DRAWING 23/24: Member Rules & Eligibility

Book 1 and Book 2 Building Trades Journey Workers*, in good standing with their Local Union and the A&J, who have completed all JUT hours for the current and prior JUT year** by the deadline of 11:59pm on April 30, 2024, shall be eligible for the JUT Pays Drawing.

Eligible members are allowed one entry in their home Local Union drawings and one entry in the overall grand prize drawing. (Only one opportunity at winning across all Local Union drawings; one winner cannot win multiple Local Union drawings. For example: a member cannot win a regular $250 Local Union prize and the Local Union $1000 grand prize.

Book 1 and Book 2 Building Trades Journey Workers, required to complete JUT hours per the CPMCA/DC16 Master Labor Agreement. Employees of DC16, PIPE, NITC, DC16 Local Unions, the A&J, as well as its full-time instructors, are not eligible even though these employers may require JUT hours. 

** Members must be in compliance with their JUT hours per the JUT policy. JUT hours only need to be complete for the previous JUT year if JUT hours were required for the prior JUT year.

Journey Workers are responsible to check, update and ensure the accuracy of their JUT hours at all times.

The JUT Committee reserves the right to revise the rules, regulations, and eligibility criteria at any time without prior notice.

The JUT Committee’s interpretation and application of eligibility, submission eligibility and application of these rules and regulations shall be final.

Funding (General)

Funding for the JUT Pays Drawing is separate from the A&J. Funding for the JUT Pays Drawing was raised outside of the A&J, is held separately from A&J funds and the A&J does not fund it. There is no cost to enter the JUT Pays Drawing and no funds shall be collected from members to enter the drawing. Members are required to cover any costs of training and fees, if any, in order to be eligible.


Each Local Union will receive an allotted amount of $250 gift cards for drawings within their Local Union.

In addition, each Local Union will receive one grand prize of a $1000 gift card for a drawing within their Local Union; one winner only per Local Union.

Drawings for $250 gift cards at each Local Union shall be conducted first and before the Local Union grand prize drawing of $1000.  

Finally, a grand prize drawing shall be held for a $6000 gift card for a drawing within all eligible members in District Council 16; one winner only.

Once all winners have been drawn, from all drawings, the Local Unions, CPMCA, and the A&J shall publish all winners in their selected communication format(s).

Winning Odds

The odds of winning a prize will depend on the number of eligible completers per each Local Union and total eligible completers of DC16 for the grand prize.

Submission Guidelines for Entry

The deadline is 11:59pm on April 30, 2024.

The deadline of April 30, 2024, at 11:59pm means JUT hours must be submitted by or preferably prior to this time and date.

Submission of hours for credit does not guarantee JUT credit or eligibility for the JUT Pays Drawing.

No late roll sheets, credit forms or JUT credit submissions after the deadline from any source, entity or person accepted.  

No late roll sheets, credit forms or JUT credit submissions after the deadline from any source, entity or person shall be presented for consideration to the JUT Committee. 

JUT hours in progress in a class that began with class sessions prior to the deadline and class sessions ending after the deadline do not count and are not eligible in part or total for JUT Pays Drawing. (For example: an in-progress class with all class hours and requirements not completed by 11:59pm on April 30th, 2024, is not eligible.)

JUT hours for passing any type of certification test, including welding or brazing must be completed and communicated to the A&J by 11:59pm on April 30th, 2024. No late certifications of any kind from any entity accepted – this includes delays in certification communication, uploads of completed certifications including completed welding, brazing or passing test results from all entities reporting certifications to the A&J.

No JUT hours will be retroactively applied for the JUT Pays Drawing.

Questions or inquiries regarding credit requests, discrepancies or the application of JUT hours will not be accepted or presented for consideration to the JUT Committee after the deadline for the JUT Pays Drawing.

No disputes of any kind shall be considered by the JUT Committee for the JUT Pays Drawing.  

JUT hours entered, applied and recorded by the A&J shall be final.

Code of Conduct

Members must maintain a professional demeanor in all communications and interactions related to JUT and the JUT Pays Drawing. Members shall not argue or harass the staff and/or the instructor conducting training, recording hours, and administering the drawings. Members wishing to enter the JUT Pays Drawing shall follow and comply with all guidelines for submission and eligibility. Members shall accept and respect the results. Members shall not dispute the results. Members shall take responsibility for their actions and submissions. Members must be aware that violations of this Code of Conduct will impact eligibility in current and future drawings.

Disqualification Criteria

Any behavior that violates the drawing’s Code of Conduct, such as harassment or disrespectful communication, will result in disqualification from the drawings. Any form of misrepresentation in training, training hours or JUT credit will result in disqualification from the drawings.  

Rights and Permissions

The JUT Pays Drawing retains the right and permission to promote JUT and its drawings through announcing participants and winners by publishing participants and winners in any communication type and format including but not limited to: winners and participants names, home Local Unions, likeness, images and personal and/or professional backgrounds and stories. Members agree to sign a release form agreeing to this by participating in JUT Pays Drawing.

Click the button below to download the media release form.

Contact Information

Questions regarding the JUT Pays drawing can be directed to the A&J by phone and/or email. The A&J phone number is (310) 604-0892. Email is JUT@ajtraining.edu.