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System Upgrade Notice: You may log into your A&J Training Trust Member profile using the login instructions provided below. Certain features may be temporarily unavailable or display incomplete information as we proceed with our system upgrade. We appreciate your understanding.

How to Check My JUT Hours Online

Click the button below to download the How to Check My JUT Hours instructions:

  1. Click the Member Login button below:

  2. Click the gray Login / Login Request button to enter your username and password.

    • This is your 7-digit UA card # followed by “AJ”.
    • Example: If your UA card # is 1234567, then 1234567AJ is your username.

    • Your password is the last four digits of your social security number.

    After entering your username and password, click the gray Sign In button.

  3. Once logged in select Credit from the left navigation menu.

    Image showcasing the location of JUT Credit in the navigation menu

  4. All of your JUT Credit will be listed here.

    Example listing of all JUT Credit

    Look for *JUT Credit as follows:

    • *JUT 2022/2023 = 16 JUT hours completed due by August 31, 2023.
    • *JUT 2023/2024 = 16 JUT hours completed due by August 31, 2024.
    • *JUT Partial Credit = JUT hours are in progress but not completed in total for the year noted.

Please note: If your JUT Credit does not appear, there are no recorded JUT hours for that JUT year. If you have any questions after checking your JUT hours, please use the contact us page to reach out to the JUT department or call (310) 604-0892.